Building Relationships At The MHI Annual Meeting

The MHI Congress and Expo is an event that we never miss. It's an annual event, and we look forward to catching up with all of the current and future leaders of the manufactured housing industry. 

There are so many important things going on in housing right now, we decided to also attend the Manufactured Housing Institute's annual meeting last week in Orlando. Talk about timing - it was just days after hurricanes Irma and Harvey hit the United States, and this was the perfect place to talk about, and understand how manufactured housing withstood these storms.

We'll be sharing more of what we learned later, but Lisa Stewart Photography tagged along with us to the meeting so we could try and share the people and passion that make us love this industry more every day. Her photos say it better than we ever could - so much so that other "media" loves using her work without her permission. We thought about not sharing them where they could be lifted for that reason, but they were too special not to share. All photos shared here are with her permission.

These are the people that make this industry so special - people who care passionately about building safe, affordable homes that we can all be proud of. We are honored to be part of this outstanding group.