MHI Starts Major Consumer Research Initiative

Millennial Home at the International Builders Show by Cavco Industries

Millennial Home at the International Builders Show by Cavco Industries

The Manufactured Housing Institute continues to promote and improve the manufactured housing industry. They recently rolled out a new, easy to use website design and today they announced a new initiative that will research underserved areas that can be vital to the growth of the industry: millennials, immigrants, and step-down baby boomers.

MHI stated that the initiative would be led by the following industry leaders:

Keith Anderson, President of Champion Home Builders
Kevin Clayton, President and CEO of Clayton Homes
Jayar Daily, Chief Operations Officer of American Homestar Corporation
Richard Florea, CEO and President of Skyline Corporation
Joe Stegmayer, Chairman & CEO of Cavco Industries
Dick Jennison, President & CEO of MHI
Christopher C. Fisher, Managing Principal of Ducker Worldwide

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"This initiative will help us develop a robust, fact-based analysis to drive strategy and serve as a basis for change," said MHI President and CEO Dick Jennison. "The initiative is about significant long-term growth and defining a more expansive market for the manufactured housing industry, and what changes may be required for the industry to successfully appeal to the underserved entry-level homebuyer."

We have been told that the study will address the following:

  • Identifying the needs, preferences and emotional trigger points for different housing alternatives, including conceptual features and benefits of homes.
  • Obtaining in-depth insights regarding the image, position, and feasibility for manufactured housing solutions to solve or create value for consumers and their homeownership challenges.
  • Determining the critical success factors and key elements needed for consumers to consider and ultimately purchase a manufactured home.
  • Analyzing the needs of the different groups and current industry customers to better understand the similarities and differences.
  • Providing analytics to estimate conversion levels and translating it to number of housing units.
  • Understand how these underserved customer requirements and home needs fit within our current HUD Code and the implications for the future.
  • Determining the current image of manufactured housing among consumers in these underserved markets and use it for market positioning and promotional strategies.
Standing Room only seminar at MHI Congress and Expo

Standing Room only seminar at MHI Congress and Expo

We were so excited to hear the ideas that came out of the panel at last years MHI Congress and Expo - it sounds like they will be put to good use. We are looking forward to this new era for our industry!