Manufactured Housing Institute Issues Housing Alert

We just received this from Dr Lesli Gooch, MHI's Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Chief Lobbyist:

HUD Secretary Castro was challenged about HUD's new installation standards at a congressional hearing today. Speaking at the House Financial Services Committee, Representative Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) raised concerns to the Secretary about HUD's new interim guidance on frost-free foundations and frost-protected shallow foundations. MHI has been telling HUD that the guidance goes beyond what is required in the minimum installation regulations since the new requirements came out in April.
Rep. Poliquin explained to Secretary Castro that manufactured housing is critical to the supply of affordable housing in Maine, where one in eight of his constituents reside in a manufactured home. He said, "You came out with new rules...telling our state how to deal with building a frost free foundation...if I may Mr. Chairman, there's nobody in the country, other than the folks in the state of Maine, who knows winter [and] how to build a frost-free wall.  I hope we can work such that our state regulators can continue to have the flexibility to do what the law says."
MHI wants HUD to clarify questions regarding compliance with installation standards in freezing climates. Many MHI members have expressed concerns, including at the recent Summer meeting in Indianapolis, that the guidance represents a restriction of discretion generally afforded by the HUD Code installation standard. The Code allows for other alternative methods that may or may not have the prescriptive requirements outlined in the interim guidance.
Rep. Poliquin's line of questions helped to elevate the issue to the HUD Secretary, who agreed to work with him on the issue. As the only manufactured housing trade association advocating for the industry in Washington, DC on these issues, MHI has been working behind the scenes with Rep. Poliquin, the Financial Services Committee, and on Capitol Hill to elevate concerns this interim guidance has posed and to protect the industry from such harmful regulations.

Thank-you to the Manufactured Housing Institute for all of your hard work to improve our industry!