Being Part of The Solution

The Dallas skyline turns blue supporting our fallen officers

The Dallas skyline turns blue supporting our fallen officers

I want to start out by saying all of the comments made here belong to Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber. As someone who lives in Dallas, and someone who lives only a few miles from where five Dallas police offers were killed it's been a week of soul searching, and to be honest fear. I'm going to write more about this on my Lifestylist website, but I decided there were some things that needed to be said here.

I've been seeing firsthand the damage that animosity and trying to instigate change the wrong way can do. The journalist in me always wants to figure out why something happens and what good can come out of it. The shooter thought that he would tear our city apart, instead he brought us together in a way that we have never seen before.

With a city on edge, Saturday a reporter reported that shots were fired at the Dallas Police Department headquarters which was not the case but it started a city wide manhunt and the use of our city resources for something that wasn't happening. By one media source trying to be the first to report something without making sure of the facts, they made a comment that cost the city an incredible amount of man hours and fear. I was just listening to a press conference and our incredible chief of police mentioned this issue. Being as nice as he could, said that never, never needs to happen again - we need to listen to the official resources before we put others in harms way.

The worst feeling is sitting in your home, seeing things happen, and feeling like there is nothing you can do to help or make things better. I have a wonderful friend that is incoming president of the Dallas Chapter of Les Dames d'Escoffier, and she and her husband own two wonderful restaurants. Early the morning after the shootings Brian Luscher got on the phone, called an officer that he has known and started pulling together local restaurants and food purveyors and with volunteers managed to have enough food and water to keep everyone at Dallas Police Headquarters well fed and hydrated. Other groups followed his lead and Dallas has become a role model of a city behind their officers. Our skyline has gone blue in support and many homes and residences (including ours) are wrapped in blue ribbon and bows. The other side of that is that many are taking note of who is not being supportive, and we'll be choosing to take our support and dollars elsewhere. When Hurricane Katrina crippled the Gulf Coast, all of the manufactured housing community came together to help provide shelter as quickly as possible for those that lost their homes in this terrible tragedy. We all worked together and I have never been more proud to be a small part of this wonderful community.

All of us need to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. Support those people and associations that support what you believe in and are good for our industry. Don't believe everything you read - "yellow journalism" is alive and well, and unfortunately social media has made it easy for people to write anything they want no matter whether it is true or not.

The Manufactured Housing website is a great resource - they have a dedicated staff of professionals who have access to the truth. George Allen's Allen Report is another great resource for industry professionals, and we learn something new every time we read his blog. Most manufacturers have very informative websites and blogs that are also full of great information. If you love your manufactured home or land lease community - share that love! We are always more than happy to share testimonials from happy homeowners, as we have always said we are all about sharing good news about the manufactured housing industry.

Hoping that the recent happenings become a wake up call and we can all see and appreciate the resources that we have right in front of us.