American Housing Advocates Supports the Manufactured Housing Institute and Dick Jennison

Bruce Savage, one of the founders of the American Housing Advocates had this to say about recent allegations that are being made about The Manufactured Housing Institute and it's President Dick Jennison:

Maybe it’s the spillover from the hostile media coverage of the current Presidential race in Iowa and New Hampshire, or maybe it’s just the overall tone of today’s media climate, but there are journalistic standards that should be honored and embraced by anyone calling them self a journalist.  Ignoring or, worst yet, not embracing such journalistic standards directly challenges one of the core values of American democracy.


I know that the recent “attack” on MHI President Dick Jennison’s leadership is not of utmost importance to most members of the broader manufactured housing industry. The fact is that most people express confidence in Dick’s leadership and work on their behalf. Dick Jennison came to MHI is the midst of turmoil and lack of direction and he has performed a valuable service to MHI and its members. I have worked with Dick professionally and have always found him a man dedicated to serving his members in the most professional and proactive ways available to him, without any rancor or personal hostility to anyone.


To use “innuendo” and non-sourced negative comments about a person strikes me as irresponsible, self-serving and unethical on the part of the person making such comments. It brings nothing positive to the discussion and does not strengthen the unity of purpose that should be the overriding mission of trade associations. It only seeks to fragment and weaken the targeted industry or person.


The manufactured housing industry has enough challenges to meet without being distracted by unfounded and destructive accusations. Those types of accusations say more about the person(s) making them than they do about the person being unfairly targeted.

Lifestylist® and co-founder of American Housing Advocates Suzanne Felber shared here thoughts here.

We formed American Housing Advocates to spread the good news about manufactured housing to consumers and feel there are lots of great things to say about MHI and our industry. We will continue to have that as our focus.