Can You Have It All?

Rolling Hills - Battle Creek, Michigan

Rolling Hills - Battle Creek, Michigan

The recent NY Times article was all bout how "mobile home parks" might be the last resort for today's working class. The unfortunate photography showed images of what you may see in some areas without effective management, but what they left out of the story are the thousands of communities around the country that are well managed and maintained that offer not only value but also a great lifestyle.

Living well doesn't have to mean that you live in a million dollar home - today's land lease communities can offer a wonderful quality of life at a price that many can afford.

This also can be the answer to the American dream for many - owning your own home in these communities can be more affordable than you would think.

One of the most interesting things about the NY Times article was the comments that people left about the way land lease communities were portrayed - quite a few said what a great experience they had growing up in a community, or they lived in one presently and could not be happier with their choice.

Modern land lease communities and factory built homes give you the opportunity to have it all - lifestyle, quality of life, convenience, value and friendships that can last a lifetime.

For more information on manufactured housing visit the Manufactured Housing Institute website.

Suzanne FelberComment