Parrish Manor Helps Their Residents Enjoy A Merry Christmas

We love hearing about land lease communities that truly are communities.  Not only are they great places to live, but the owners really get involved with making sure that they are making this world a better place.

Parrish Manor has always had some really innovative programs in place to help kids with homework, provide lots of sports activities and even have community gardens where residents can grow their own fruits and vegetables.

They started the Nessie Foundation  - a non-profit that helps get kids to Boys and Girls Club activities, help raise funds for Summer Camp participation and in general help at-risk kids engage in a healthier lifestyle and to get involved with positive activities.

This year they had a Christmas celebration that was one to be remembered with pictures with Santa, a puppet show, and lots of goodies that ended up under some Christmas trees.

The Raleigh news ran a story on the event and the video on YouTube helped to share the story as well.

Congratulations to Chris and Parrish Manor for hosting such a great event and putting smiles on these families faces.

Suzanne FelberComment