Finding Your New Home

When purchasing a home, you want the most home for your “housing dollar.” Don’t overlook the fact that today’s factory-built homes provide you great value, with energy-efficient, safe homes costing 10 to 35 percent less to build than a comparable site-built home. The benefits of factory-built homes go beyond mere cost…they include quality construction, customization options, modern amenities and livability you want in your new home.

There are no differences in the building materials used in factory-built homes than those used in any site-built construction. Yet, factory-built homes are constructed in a controlled factory environment where construction quality is superior to what can be achieved outdoors. Once the homes are basically completed in the factory, the homes are transported to and placed on their home site, where finishing construction work is then completed.

The affordability of factory-built homes is directly attributed to the efficiencies of the factory-building process.  The controlled construction environment and assembly-line techniques remove many of the problems encountered during standard home construction, such as poor weather, theft, vandalism and damage to building products and materials. And finally, factory employees are trained and managed more efficiently and effectively than the system of contracted labor employed by the site-built home construction industry.  What you end up with is a superior home at an affordable price.

Some of the major benefits of factory construction include:
All aspects of the construction process are constantly monitored for quality, with inspection by not one, but several, third-party inspectors.
Factory-built homes benefit from the economies of scale, with builders able to negotiate substantial savings on many components, such as appliances and major systems, with these savings passed directly to the home buyer.
Due to inventory controls and precise construction technologies, the factory-bullding process produces less materials waste, saves more money, and has less negative impact on the environment.
The construction codes for factory-built home, especially in states like Florida, incorporate the latest wind resistance techniques and construction technologies, meaning that factory-constructed homes exceed the wind resistance of site-built homes by as much as 25%.

Suzanne FelberComment